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All-in-one ecommerce growth.


Kandy scales established brands with ad creatives, email marketing, store optimization and influencer marketing. Wrapped in simple, efficient and fast systems.

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Total generated revenue in 2020
Total amount spent on ads in 2020
Total creatives produced in 2020
Average revenue from email marketing
Avg. client revenue boost 2 months after working with us.
Average revenue per single creative in 2020

Creativity meets numbers.

Faster than an in-house team. Better results, too.
Here's how the magic happens.
Step 1
Weird research.
Whatever works, works. Not every agency stalks Instagram accounts of their clients' customers, scrapes every review, and talks hours on end with the founder. We do. 
Highest returns now.
Future goals up next.
World-class creative team.

From videographers, copywriters and designers to assistants. All in-house.

Killer media buying.

Every penny spent wisely. Analysis combined with creative freedom.

Conversion-driven emails.

Sent over 8,000,000 emails just in 2020. All profitable. No big deal.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Expect a lot of them. Both from strategists and videographers.

Infinite scalability.

Our training & hiring processes ensure smooth scalability with quality.

Constant mentorship.

A wide portfolio of clients lets us see broad perspectives of what works.


"Kandy works very quickly and extremely professionally."

Romana Strasser – Team Lead Creative at Giesswein

Ready to blow up your ecommerce?

Take this quiz to find out whether you're a right fit for Kandy.

So, is Kandy any good? No.
Kandy is fucking awesome.
Advanced ad analysis and creation systems.
Systems so quick, even we're trying to catch-up. Our onboarding process takes 2 hours, first creatives are launched within a week, full results are visible within a month.
Know the important stuff.
Without boring details.
Let us chew through all the small, difficult but crucial metrics – so you can focus on what really matters. 
Repeatable hiring and training processes for new staff.
One of the biggest difficulties in scaling an e-commerce, solved. Need more videographers? Sure. Media buyers can't keep up? Say no more.
Pay only the value we bring.
One invoice, all the services.
The more profit we generate, the more we earn. Flexible contracts, easy payments and long-term relationships. Issues should be solved together.

Ready to blow up your ecommerce?

Take this quiz to find out whether you're a right fit for Kandy.

We work hard. And have fun.

Kandy builds and empowers talent to achieve great results. Hard-work, ownership, constant learning and honesty are non-negotiable. Our vibe is killer, just like our results.

Brands that care about impact.
Undisclosed fashion brand
3x revenue growth in a month.
Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 22.18.54.png
Undisclosed fashion brand
From $250k to $1M
in 60 days.
524% revenue increase
in 4 months.
50x sales on Black Friday.
Record $114k in 3 days.
Your logo here
Your case study here.
If you meet the criteria.
Drawing a bloody line against period cramps.

Livia helps thousands of girls with this wearable device that eliminates menstrual pains without the use of pills. Kandy is a part of achieve that goal.

Growing the #1 puzzle fidget toy in the US

Award-winning Shashibo cube has been listed as Toy of The Year 2020 and 2021, featured on New York Post, and featured on the Today show.

Eliminating wine headaches forever.

Purewine makes FDA compliant reusable wine purifiers. They eliminate hangovers, without affecting taste. Featured on Buzzfeed, Poosh & Popsugar. 

Solving brown eye stains for dogs. With food.

80% of all white dogs have teary eyes. After 30 years, Superior Care have finally found a logical, affordable, and truly working solution to the brown tear stain problem.

Ready to blow up your ecommerce?

Take this quiz to find out whether you're a right fit for Kandy.

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