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Join our e-commerce illuminati master plan


You see, we're a bit weird.

Kandy started out from a garage in Vilnius back in 2018 with a few laptops –– and then grew out to global team scaling e-commerce projects to multiple 7 figures.

We've spent millions on ads during previous 24 months. We've launched thousands of campaigns and creatives.
We've failed more times than we could count.

And you'd think we've figured it out all.


Now, we could use buzzwords like global impact, mission-driven, sustainable, and innovation. And we could tell you how many smart people work with us already.


Just like you, we're figuring out things as we go along – by breaking and smashing things.

That's why we're not yet in a place where you'll be able to just get by. Or prepare useless reports. Or do anything that doesn't provide much value.

Just like in most businesses, there's always room to optimize. And much of what we do now – sucks ass.

Only we are not scared to acknowledge our mistakes.

That's why Kandy looks for those that aren't scared of change, or discomfort, or transparency.


To grow faster than we would elsewhere.


Because here, our ideas matter.


At Kandy, we're looking for people we'd want to share our lives with. To build and scale meaningful e-commerce businesses.

We love
We hate
We try

Weird ideas


Being genuine

Heated debates

Meaningful relationships

Corporate bureaucracy

Being complacent

Fake business people

Comfort instead of growth

Brain-dead approaches

Testing before talking

Asking before judging

Never killling the vibe

Overdelivering and overachieving

To always set the bar higher

Will you pass our Banana Test? 🍌

For us, those 3AM talks at the office about your biggest fears is what it's all about. 

Being together more often helps us open up. The more we understand how imperfect we are, the more we grow as individuals. 


We have some open positions, but we first need to figure out whether you could fit in.

Take our Banana Test to see whether you're eligible for the next step.

E-commerce Strategist

Full-time / Remote

 Always open 

 Always open 


Full-time / Remote

 Limited time 

Content writer

Full-time / Remote

 Limited time 

Head of UGC / Project owner

Full-time / Remote

Will you pass our Banana Test? 🍌
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