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30 minutes of killer ideas for your e-commerce 


In order to grow, you need to improve. Get new wisdom from those that have done it repeatedly and at scale.

Kandy scales e-commerce businesses for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Total generated revenue in 2020
Total amount spent on ads in 2020
Total creatives produced in 2020
Average revenue from email marketing
Avg. client revenue boost 2 months after working with us.
Average revenue per single creative in 2020

Most founders don't know what they don't know.

What hinders progress is the inability to solve problems efficiently. Kandy can give you the big picture view of your business to scale faster.
Here's how Kandy is different.
World-class creative team.

From videographers, copywriters and designers to assistants. All in-house.

Killer media buying.

Every penny spent wisely. Analysis combined with creative freedom.

Conversion-driven emails.

Sent over 8,000,000 emails just in 2020. All profitable. No big deal.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Expect a lot of them. Both from strategists and videographers.

Infinite scalability.

Our training & hiring processes ensure smooth scalability with quality.

Constant mentorship.

A wide portfolio of clients lets us see broad perspectives of what works.

First, we'll analyze your metrics, creatives and everything in-between.


Then, we'll outline your current errors and mistakes that could be solved.


Together, we'll discuss which solutions would be the biggest needle movers.


Finally, we'll set actionable steps you could implement immediately and see results.

Success stories.
Undisclosed fashion brand
3x revenue growth in a month.
Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 22.18.54.png
Undisclosed fashion brand
From $250k to $1M
in 60 days.
524% revenue increase
in 4 months.
50x sales on Black Friday.
Record $114k in 3 days.
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Your case study here.
If you meet the criteria.

Book our 30 minute consulting session.

Spot your mistakes, improve processes and generate new ideas.

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