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99+ Facebook Ad Creatives To Swipe And Skyrocket Your eCommerce Sales to 7-Figures And Above

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

In eCommerce, Facebook ad creatives are important now more than ever.

And over at Kandy - you could say we know creatives inside out.

We’ve managed to scale eCommerce brands to 7 figures and above with (mainly) creatives.

So, for us, content is a deal-breaker.

In order to scale with ads, you need to be consistently testing.

The problem for many eCommerce brands, however, is consistency and repeatability.

To help you scale, below, we’ll be looking at 99+ eCommerce creatives across different niches: Skincare, health, fitness, watches, and so much more.

We’ll also be looking at their conversion-driven principles and other things they do well that you can swipe.

Whether it’s the quality, the video creatives, the angle, or the copy, the creatives below use proven marketing principles you can also swipe for your ads.

And you’ll also find our thoughts and insights on each creative.

Below, you’ll find creatives from across many different niches:

💅 Health, beauty, and skincare.

👕 Fashion and apparel.

⚡ Tech and gadgets.

🐶 Pets.

💊 Supplements.

🏋️ Fitness.

And much, much more.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Disclaimer: Some of these ads might no longer be running because they either violate some Facebook ad compliances, the eCommerce brand decided they’re no longer profitable, or for some other reason. With that said, they still have some conversion driven principles or marketing angles you can swipe for your brand.

Kandy Creatives Playbook: 99+ Highly Converting eCommerce Facebook Ad Creative Examples to Swipe. Plug-n-Play These Conversion-Driven Principles to Skyrocket Your Sales From Creatives

1. Fabric skincare

The “us vs them” is a proven creative angle we see time and time again, in just about every industry.

Especially when designed right, it can be a powerful angle to convince potential customers on the fence, by comparing your product to that of a competitor’s.

But it’s essential you check your bias.

The idea is to briefly and objectively explain why your product is better, which is just what Fabric Skincare does above.

When doing comparative advertising like this, you can:

  • Name drop your competitors, so as long as you’re being factually correct (e.g. ingredient list, calories, etc.).

  • Or, you can make it clear who you’re talking about without actually naming them. (This is where knowing your target audience comes in handy.)

In this creative, Fabric Skincare makes it clear why you should move on from Kiehl’s (other skincare brand) to Fabric by providing an overview of the difference in ingredients which is clear at a glance.

By throwing stones at your enemies, you’re strengthening your bond with your current customers, and convincing potential customers why your brand is better.

2. Upright Posture

Upright sells an interesting product:

A posture training device that goes on your back, connects with your phone app, and then, gives smart app progress reports of your posture throughout the day.

Getting to explain all that (and how the tool works in detail) would take a lot of time.

Instead, Upright explains the benefits in their ad creative.

Though the “before and after” angle is risky since Facebook isn’t a big fan of that (it’s possible, but risky), the benefits are visible in the ad:

  • Benefit - Their product helps build better posture habits (benefit)

  • Strong offer - Free shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked

  • Persuasive copywriting - drills down on the relevant pain points and provides social proof (600K+ customers, looking taller, stronger, confident, etc.).

If you don’t have the time to explain how exactly your product works (the features), it’s better to focus on the benefits customers are getting from the tool.

3. Snow teeth whitening