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99+ Facebook Ad Creatives To Swipe And Skyrocket Your eCommerce Sales to 7-Figures And Above

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

In eCommerce, Facebook ad creatives are important now more than ever.

And over at Kandy - you could say we know creatives inside out.

We’ve managed to scale eCommerce brands to 7 figures and above with (mainly) creatives.

So, for us, content is a deal-breaker.

In order to scale with ads, you need to be consistently testing.

The problem for many eCommerce brands, however, is consistency and repeatability.

To help you scale, below, we’ll be looking at 99+ eCommerce creatives across different niches: Skincare, health, fitness, watches, and so much more.

We’ll also be looking at their conversion-driven principles and other things they do well that you can swipe.

Whether it’s the quality, the video creatives, the angle, or the copy, the creatives below use proven marketing principles you can also swipe for your ads.

And you’ll also find our thoughts and insights on each creative.

Below, you’ll find creatives from across many different niches:

💅 Health, beauty, and skincare.

👕 Fashion and apparel.

⚡ Tech and gadgets.

🐶 Pets.

💊 Supplements.

🏋️ Fitness.

And much, much more.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Disclaimer: Some of these ads might no longer be running because they either violate some Facebook ad compliances, the eCommerce brand decided they’re no longer profitable, or for some other reason. With that said, they still have some conversion driven principles or marketing angles you can swipe for your brand.

Kandy Creatives Playbook: 99+ Highly Converting eCommerce Facebook Ad Creative Examples to Swipe. Plug-n-Play These Conversion-Driven Principles to Skyrocket Your Sales From Creatives

1. Fabric skincare

The “us vs them” is a proven creative angle we see time and time again, in just about every industry.

Especially when designed right, it can be a powerful angle to convince potential customers on the fence, by comparing your product to that of a competitor’s.

But it’s essential you check your bias.

The idea is to briefly and objectively explain why your product is better, which is just what Fabric Skincare does above.

When doing comparative advertising like this, you can:

  • Name drop your competitors, so as long as you’re being factually correct (e.g. ingredient list, calories, etc.).

  • Or, you can make it clear who you’re talking about without actually naming them. (This is where knowing your target audience comes in handy.)

In this creative, Fabric Skincare makes it clear why you should move on from Kiehl’s (other skincare brand) to Fabric by providing an overview of the difference in ingredients which is clear at a glance.

By throwing stones at your enemies, you’re strengthening your bond with your current customers, and convincing potential customers why your brand is better.

2. Upright Posture

Upright sells an interesting product:

A posture training device that goes on your back, connects with your phone app, and then, gives smart app progress reports of your posture throughout the day.

Getting to explain all that (and how the tool works in detail) would take a lot of time.

Instead, Upright explains the benefits in their ad creative.

Though the “before and after” angle is risky since Facebook isn’t a big fan of that (it’s possible, but risky), the benefits are visible in the ad:

  • Benefit - Their product helps build better posture habits (benefit)

  • Strong offer - Free shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked

  • Persuasive copywriting - drills down on the relevant pain points and provides social proof (600K+ customers, looking taller, stronger, confident, etc.).

If you don’t have the time to explain how exactly your product works (the features), it’s better to focus on the benefits customers are getting from the tool.

3. Snow teeth whitening

Stopping the scroll is one of the most important things your ad should accomplish.

With this creative, the lighting from the teeth whitening product is guaranteed to stand out in your timeline when scrolling through.

Looking closer, you can obviously tell it’s an ad for teeth whitening.

But beyond that, it also features a relevant influencer with social proof testimonial, strong benefits in bullet points that are easy to skim through, and a clear outcome (whiter teeth in as little as 9 minutes a day).

4. Mott & Bow

It might be hard to advertise jeans if you don’t have a defined angle.

Working from home is more popular than ever.

With this creative, Mott & Bow is targeting both - officer workers as well as people working from home.

They’re advertising their jeans as perfect for the office while still making the transition from work-to-play.

And the timing is just right.

As they’re targeting people working from home, office workers, and just about anyone who wants comfortable jeans for the summer.

5. Foster Grant

There’s only so many ways you can advertise sunglasses. And a lot of sunglasses brands use the same mechanisms and brand principles.

Usually, around the 3 main features (ones you see above): Interactivity, computer use, and reading.

So, combining those in a “3-in-1” creative angle might be worth a test to see how it’d perform. Especially in static images with limited space.

In videos or GIFs though, you can do plenty to demonstrate them in action - from their shape, durability, contrasting with beautiful sceneries, and so much more.

6. Sand & Sky

A scroll stopper thumbnail is a must to be different in the makeup world.

There are so many competitors in this niche, that you have to stand and, and this thumbnail does exactly that.

The video follows a quick unboxing to product demonstration, with a close up of women using the skincare product.

Though they’re not highlighting copywriting or benefits in the video, the effects of using the product are obvious.

You need to stand out, and this creative does just that.

Great hook, a simple organic body that doesn’t need much explaining to do. Reaches and resonates with the exact target audience well.

7. Glossier

In the past two years advertising for making has been insane and regarding this type of content there is so little you can do to create unique content. Everyone tries to stand out, but this is simple and it works. It makes you wanna know what “Cloud Paint” is and you want to click. Great choice of thumbnail.

This brand has social proof on “award winner”, so it’s the main text that stands out the most, they use their social proof as the main selling point.

The body of the ad starts with the great hook, showing all the colors at once and simple text on top of it. It keeps people's attention. Eyes don't have to move much. Copy is clear. The brand itself is big, so they don’t need much to add.

8. Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening

Perfect example on how to use famous people as great social proof and include them into your hook.

This will lead fans of that person to click on the video no matter what the video is actually like. This makes the brand unique and gets all the attention.

Kris Kardashian? Next to a strange-looking electronic device?

Talk about an effective thumbnail!

Simple to target people, based on who they follow, great use of social proof, perfect use of influencer marketing.

The actual video is short and snappy. It tells the message that the Kardashians are using them to keep their teeth white.

Sometimes simple, but strong social proof leading up to a CTA is all it takes.

9. Tailored Athlete

A clever way to capture the “before and after” look in a Facebook ad.

But this creative also has clear attention to detail and understanding of the target audience (i.e. men who can’t find proper fitting trousers).

At a glance, the thumbnail raises the problem. And a great hook makes the viewer watch till the end, because they want to see what the “perfect fit” looks like.

This is another clever “us vs. them” angle.

In that, many trousers are often “too big” (a pain point that’s relatable for many people). But Tailored Athlete is a “perfect fit”.

On its own, people are going to be curious and want to look what that means in a video demonstration.

10. Love Wellness

Great little creative GIF that imitates a member of the target audience doing an online search.

What’s great about this:

  • Organic look with the brand in the top left corner, product placement looks natural.

  • Thumbnail cuts off at “sup”, people will be curious as to what the end of the word is. When they click play, the text is shown being written from the beginning, so they have to stick around to watch it get typed up.

  • CTA is to take a free, 30-second quiz. Most likely, customers will have to enter an email to get their results (or not). Either way, their attention will already be captured and they’ll start flying closer inside the brand’s ecosystem.

11. Lashify

Eyelashes and skincare eCommerce industries in particular often get very creative with their ads.

A great hook can make a viewer stick around till the end. But a great thumbnail will make most people click in the first place.

With eyelashes, the market is wide and using closeups in these situations with high quality footage can help the target audience understand how well they’re going to look when using the product.

This creative is a perfect example of how to create an angle called “how to use it”.

Once you notice it, you won’t be able to unnotice it in other Facebook creatives.

12. Lilly

Everyone who owns a dog knows how their hair gets everywhere.

So, at a glance, cleaning out your car just like a professional car detailer sounds like a dream.

If done well, the video demonstration can also be extremely satisfying for dog owners.

And that’s the lede.

The video most likely has a high click rate because of that thumbnail alone.

And from there out, all that’s left is to show the product in action with final results.

13. thequickflick

The obvious thumb stopper is using a model with an amputation.

However, the ad in no way mentions or highlights that, as that fact has nothing to do with the ad.

Which in itself helps make the brand more inclusive, as it’s rare to see someone with an amputation in an ad.

And that’s only the thumbnail.

The rest of the video follows a well-edited product demonstration video, with close-ups of the product and benefits written out in the footer.

The video ad also highlights that magnetic lashes and glues can be toxic - creating an “us vs. them” feeling with their target audience.

For a non-toxic, cruelty-free eyelash ad, this is very on-brand and well done.

14. Tarte

Every customer loves a good sale. Showing that as a remarketing ad, will generate even more sales.

But what makes this makeup product so creative is how they approach a “before and after” angle in their ad.

As you might know, doing a “before and after” angle in your ad is against Facebook’s policy.

But in this ad, the model applies the concealer only on the right side of her face (which you can also see in the thumbnail). While the left side remains untouched.

The results are obvious. Even for people who don’t know anything about makeup.

And thus, they manage to show a strong “before and after” with the concealer while pushing their audience to buy with a strong sale campaign.

15. ThirdLove

The first question most people will get with this thumbnail is - “What’s the Fitting Room?

Combined with that testimonial, this can be a great way to capture attention.

The rest of the video is product demonstration and more testimonials on the Fitting Room.

ThirdLove is a lingerie and underwear store and the Fitting Room is a free quiz that helps women find the perfect bra size.

It’s interesting they didn’t use a model in lingerie as the thumbnail, as that’s what many similar eCommerce brands do in their Facebook ads.

While that may have stood out more when scrolling, it also might have attracted a different kind of attention. It might have been too obvious.

As a final touch, the CTA is to take a free quiz. Which is less commitment than making a purchase straightaway.

16. Lumin

There’s a lot going on in this ad.

First things first, great copywriting makes a statement piece that automatically challenges the viewer to click and find out if it’s real.

Relatability – it looks organic, doesn't look like an ad and the person is similar to the target audience.

A great hook – you want to watch till the end because you want to see the final result at the end.

Before/after states – it shows exactly how the product works, what the timeline is and how to use it.

Provides a lot of information with the video demonstration, explains product benefits in a clear tone, and stands out with the product close ups.

Lumin is a well known skincare brand with a great offer and copy.

The creative keeps it all simple and understandable, with plenty of social proof too.

17. MuscleBox

As you might have guessed from the brand name, MuscleBox is a bodybuilding and fitness brand.

With this ad, the question most people will have is:

What is in the box?

The creative keeps you wondering. A great way to hook with a thumbnail to see the end result.

The actual product of the brand is a fitness subscription box full of gym gear, supplements, workout plans, and more.

The actual video is a fast-paced unboxing and product close up of each product inside the box.

18. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club, in general, has already perfected their offer. And their creatives are exactly what you’d expect from their brand.

Huge factor is to use Instagram text to make it seem like a post. Great punchline to start the video.

The video in itself has a great hook and is very entertaining.

It makes you wonder:

Who is this guy? What’s going to happen? What makes Dollar Shave Club different from other razors when it comes to thick beards?

And, well, all questions are answered in the video.

The model provides his thoughts, commentary, and a commentary while shaving.

It’s written very well. The model sounds natural, and the shaving close up is extremely satisfying.

You can almost feel the shaving, from the sound effects.

All in all an extremely well done creative that checks all the boxes.

19. Zimba Premium Teeth Whitening

Let’s be real, you won’t even have to mention how creative this is. You just want to see what is happening right now. Perfect thumbnail example.

Is there a better thumb stopper than a closeup of a happy dog?

And that’s the hook!

Because the actual video is for a teeth whitening product for humans!

This testimonial based creative that touches all the selling points right.

The ad uses all conversion principles, from a great hook, to great CTAs and social proof.

The model also has a strong personality (with white teeth to further reinforce the point) and the dialogue touches all the pain points.

Finally, the video also has an “us vs. them” angle and depositions professional teeth whitening (which costs $500+, while their product costs $150). And then, to further soften the CTA, the ad ends with a 50% off the final offer.

20. Wow Skin Science

The thumbnail makes you wonder what he has in her hands and what it’s going to do to her face.

The creative has a great hook targeting people with acne problems. The video starts great (first 5 seconds) and holds your attention all the way through.

While there is no before and after, the video shows a clear product demonstration, how it works, what’s the timeline, and general first impressions (smell, feel, etc.)

Addition to all of that, it provides more social proof not just by showing organic relatable content, but with more people talking about it and what it does. It explains everything about the product.

Showing the product benefits is essential in the skincare niche.

While many skincare ads just explain the benefits - this one shows it.

21. Lalabu

Looks like a completely organic video you’d see while scrolling through Facebook.

Even the video follows a classic, engaging, vlog with cute moments of the dad demonstrating the product.

No features, product hardsells, or anything like that.

What you see is what you get.

As for parents - the benefits are obvious.

22. The 5th

Most watch creatives are the same, with a close-up photo of the product, showcasing the elegance or the quality.

The 5th takes a different approach with this creative - portraying only the top half of the watch.

And with a clever black and white contrast, the promotional text regarding the 20% sales stands out more.

With this creative (and few others), they’re focusing on kicking things off with a fresh start for September. This is not the only creative with this angle. So, safe to say, it’s working well.

23. MVMT

MVMT is another big name in the eCommerce watches space.

They’re also constantly experimenting with different angles and shots. Instead of the classic watch closeup.

This creative in particular looks like a casual Facebook feed post. It appears familiar and relatable to what you see on social media.

It’s showing off how beautiful the watch looks, in addition to your everyday outfit or accessories. Pointing how it goes with just about everything .

With a minimalist look and a flashy caption above it, this creative stands out and blends in at the same time.

24. PEEL

Peel creates thin Apple phone cases that look trendy, minimalist, and flashy at the same time.

While the video isn’t anything, the Apple inspiration is clear with the thumbnail, which is what might make many people stop scrolling.

In fact, the phone case is so thin, it’s hard to even tell what it is at a glance with the thumbnail.

So, they’re doing their job well.

25. Lalabu

Lalabu helps moms wear their babies in a comfortable, trendy, and easy-to-use pouch nursing bra.

Though the thumbnail isn’t anything special, the video creative shows a mom looking after their newborn in a cozy nursing bra/pouch.

For the target audience, the video hits all the checkmarks.

It’s stylish, comfortable, and evokes a familiar feeling with the infant.

Safe to say they know their target audience well.

26. Stuart & Lau

This is a very clever creative as it does a few things correctly, right off the bat.

First things first, it’s a video with a blurry thumbnail of what appears to be jewelry.

Which captures the attention and stops the thumb.

But upon a close look, the viewer learns the product behind the ad is actually a bag. The video then goes on to show the beauty of the briefcase in a professional and playful manner.

Finally, the headline also highlights 2 more pieces of social proof - from a quote from Bloomberg and Wirecutter.

27. Colourpop

The beauty industry is a very interesting eCommerce space. As there’s a lot of different angles and hooks you can use for that target audience.

Usually, it all starts with a member of the target audience.

In this case, the model looks like someone the target audience aspires to (good skin, hair, lips, lashes etc.), and you can’t even tell what the ad is going to be for.

But upon playing the ad, the viewer learns “the proof is in the pout”.

With a smooth transition to the model suddenly has the lipstick on and is showing it off.

Meanwhile, the copy is playing on social proof, based on a consumer study of 30 people (which in itself is a clever marketing campaign that most companies can also apply for cheap).

Wait! Stop skimming!

If you’re reading this - chances are, you’re looking to scale your eCommerce brand with highly-converting and performance-driven creatives, right?

Then you might want to claim our free eCommerce growth consultation right here:

More on this in the conclusion. Now, let’s resume the article.

28. Outer

Sell the hole, not the drill, goes the saying.

And that’s exactly what you see in this creative.

Instead of selling comfortable, good-looking furniture, Outer here is selling a “carefree furniture on which you can cuddle without stressing about the stains.”

Even the copy highlights this by focusing on creating “more lasting memories outside.”

Finally, the creative also features the target audience with a “family” and cozy vibe.

Lesson learned: Whenever you want to sell something seemingly boring - focus on the benefits, not the features.

And that’s how you sell something seemingly boring.

29. Atolla

This is a really interesting skincare creative and here’s why.

While many other skincare ads (even ones in this list) focus on helping the customer achieve a better, clearer skin, Atolla is focusing on empowering the customer by educating them.

Their offer is interesting too - a “data-informed, personalized skin care”.

With an offer like that, they can also deposition other eCommerce brands who are mainly focused on selling.

They also have a few other versions of this ad with some variation in the copy, such as:

  • Skincare that tells you how your skin is doing.

  • Skincare that marks you the expert of your skin.

  • Skincare that teaches you about your skin.

  • Skincare that gives you feedback about your skin health.

They’re essentially empowering the customer to learn more about their skin, instead of selling on the obvious benefits like better skin.

So, all in all, very interesting angle for the skincare niche.

As a final point, this ad started running in 2020. So, chances are, it’s doing more than well.

30. Shapermint

The thumbnail looks clickbait at a glance, but the actual creative is a great ad with UGC, social proof, and clear product demonstration.

Shapermint is a eCommerce brand similar to Spanx, that creates everyday essentials from shapewear, undies, bras, leggings, and more - for women of all sizes.

The ad is a bit long (1m+) for Facebook ads, but the video is very creative and engaging through the whole way. Featuring women (from their target audience) going through the pains of regular, uncomfortable shapewear, and then trying on Shapermint’s clothing.

Then, it gets better:

The video features a mid-CTA for a 60% off sale, highlights social proof some more, and ends with a final “buy now” CTA.

The structure for this ad works well for almost any niche product too:

31. Phone Soap

Probably the weirdest creative (and product) you’ll see on this list.

But here goes nothing…

PhoneSoap is a product that sanitizes your phone and helps people live better lives by defeating the worst germs and pollution we encounter daily - on our phones.

It’s an unusual scene, definitely stands out on the target audience’s feed. With a bit of humor and not taking itself too seriously, the ad just might work.

Who’s the target audience? Anyone germaphobe with a phone?

Even if people don’t buy and click out of curiosity, they’d go on to learn that PhoneSoap also sells other products, not just for phones - but also for larger devices like tables, remotes, controllers, and more.

32. Vessi Footwear

Addressing your target audience by their city is a great way to capture their attention.

And what makes this tactic so great is that it can be replicated for most regions you can target.

As for the actual creative, it’s a high-quality GIF (with a raindrop loop and sound effect), with very obvious benefits - waterproof sneakers.

A subtle detail is that the jeans of the models are getting wet in the GIF - but not the shoes.

33. Crossrope

Obvious pain point and audience: Fitness enthusiasts or people who want to exercise more but don’t like cardio.

Their main angle is that a jump rope exercise is more effective than treadmills and other cardio. It’s also more fun!

Finally, the “action shot” in the thumbnail stands out and makes the audience click to understand what’s going on.

34. Posh Peanut

This ad stands out for the target audience that is expecting a child and is especially sensitive to this type of content. Big text that says “perfect” and the five stars draws attention to the image as well as the picture of the baby. Conveniently enough, he looks like a peanut - a posh peanut.

The benefits are clearly stated in the review & in the ad copy. Also the image serves as social proof, because of the review.

35. Cocunat

What stands out in this ad is that the first five seconds are very hooky and intriguing because we see a transformation immediately in the first five seconds.

So, that’s enough reason to make someone watch the rest of the video.

It hooks you to watch more till and after you see the transformation you’ll want to go back to the first shot, to see bit by bit how the woman actually achieved that stage of her hair which looks perfect.

Also the video and the model look organic. For people with curly hair, the thumbnail has something they want to achieve too (perfect curls), so, they’ll be more likely to click.

36. Billie

This Billie ad example uses bright colors for their ad assets and it works great.

It's eye-catching and stops the scroll.

But that's not the only thing that's great about this ad:

  • Clever copywriting that demands attention ("Spoiler:") which also uses social proof testimonial (Cosmopolitan).

  • Bright design colors that work together with the product theme.

  • No-brainer offer: "Half the price. Free shipping."

  • Emojis in the body text and claim to authority with "award-winning razor".

37. Stitch Fix

Asking a question in a Facebook creative is always a great way to capture attention.

Especially when you already know the answer - no, most people probably have NOT heard of “stitch fix freestyle”!

But, chances are, they’ll want to know more.

So, the video goes into more detail, with a UGC review of their style quiz that gives a personalized style recommendation, based on your tastes.

38. Alya Skin

Sometimes, being direct is what it takes to capture your audience’s attention.

The video looks super organic with a selfie video shot. And the header on top of it shows the CTA clearly “take our skin quiz.”

Him being the founder of the brand helps too. As people are more likely to react to a real person in front of them, than a graphic creative.

Especially in the skincare industry, it’s always nice to see founders putting themselves in front of the camera and talking to their audience directly.

39. Calming Blanket

First of all, this scroll stopper is very confusing, people looking at the thumbnail will probably be thinking - “what am I looking at? What is she doing with the blanket?

Then the video gives pain points to the viewer to filter out the audience.

Nothing too special happens in it, except the creative stating benefits and unique selling points. Could be improved by adding some social proof & hooks throughout the video to keep the engagement, but for now, the copy and the effective thumbnail work well together.

40. Wow skin science

What we have is a pretty straight forward UGC testimonial type creative angle.

This brand actually does a lot of these, with different women advocating for different products.

Calling out the pain points in text in the thumbnail can be a great thumb stopper, because it’s very simple and acts as a great hook.

And of course, in the video, you see the product in all its action.

41. ROVE

For an eCommerce, consciously made, travel-inspired dress brand, showcasing them in action is the way to go.

The copy also reinforces this by highlighting that they can be worn anywhere from the sandy beaches of Australia to the cobblestoned streets of Amalfi Coast, and everywhere in between.

The visual description also helps the reader visualize those places, and them wearing the dress.

This is benefits copywriting done right.

The rest of the video though, is generic photos of different models in different dresses.

While that can be improved, the copywriting angle has a great start with this creative.

42. Vanity Planet

This is a UGC-based before and after video creative with some great marketing angles.

Not only does it show off the actual capabilities and results of the product straightaway, but seeing UGC shot on a phone creates a trust for the average scroller by. The model and her dialogue are all completely natural too.

It also uses tiktok-like text at the end of the video to further push the feeling that the video was generated just by your regular users of the platform.

Finally, the thumbnail also has a curiosity driven element where the viewer is asking themselves -”What IS literally a spa at home? I want to know what she’s talking about!”

43. Robb Vices

Just at a glance, you can tell it’s going to be a high-end, fancy product.

For a premium cognac, it makes a lot of sense to create ads that have this high quality feel with perfectly lit photos, very dramatic fonts and all that.

The fact that the copy hints at the unboxing experience is a great choice, since it instantly piques our curiosity to find out what’s inside.

44. Nature Queen

What this ad does so great is that the eCommerce brand targets the specific audience extremely well.

It’s for 50+ year old women who have problems with hair loss, with an UGC from a woman that’s 50+ years old that has problems with hair loss.

Hope your media buyer doesn’t mess things up and you have a golden piece of creative content.

Not only that, this video utilizes the use of the headline in the beginning and captions throughout the video, which makes a significant difference.

45. Luca + Danni

A Halloween-inspired bracelet against a background of candy corn is a clever and vibrant design choice that should stand out in most Facebook feeds.

This is one of those times when the product really speaks for itself.

This eCommerce brand has a bunch of different accessories which are essentially their creatives themselves.

However in this particular example we see one of the most basic eCommerce ad principles - show the product up close, don’t waste my time with other shots. The little sparkling filter on it is also a nice touch making it look a bit more native to the platforms.

46. ModCloth

Adorable, isn’t it?

This creative is another example where the product speaks for itself. And it’s no secret that people love cute things and that they will stop for them to take another look.

We are biologically programmed to love and take care of cute things.

Sure, the product is random and doesn’t solve any specific “pain points” other than looking cute.

But sometimes, that’s what it takes to convert.

47. Shapermint

Even if you were skimming this article, you’d probably pause here - for obvious reasons…

All jokes aside, this is an extremely effective hook for an obvious pain point.

We have a headline, a side-by-side comparison, and we instantly see and understand what the product is for.

And then, the video goes deep into explaining the selling points using UGC, covers social proof, risk-aversion, and more.

Their offer is great too!

Try it - if it’s the wrong size or it doesn’t work for you, money back 60-day guarantee.

All in all - great creative with plenty of conversion-driven principles to learn from.


Another fun and creative brand done right.

First of all the visual is just interesting, seeing two almost naked bodies with fun matching underwear. And on top of that the use of text bubbles almost makes it look like some kind of meme you would see floating around, peeking your curiosity to read it through.

They are entertaining the viewer instead of trying to push the product down their throat.

They have a lot of different ads with the same creative angle of using pseudo-text messages. So, most likely it’s working well for them.


This is an amazing example of the subtle ”you sometimes shouldn’t overthink things” approach.

A very simple yet amazing hook of something sliding into the frame in slow-motion. Then, it’s revealed that the focus is on the shoes.

And the copy is both fun, cute (“little firecracker”) and straight to the point of what they’re selling.

Also helps the product is unique and exactly what parents might be after.

50. CUUP

A well produced video for a bra and underwear eCommerce brand promoting body positivity.

Also acts as a great hook for an underwear brand since we’re so conditioned to seeing “perfect” skinny models in these types of clothes.

The brand also has more ads with a similar angle, or a close up of the product with its unique design.

Safe to say, they know they’re target audience quite well.

51. Buck Palmer

The first thing that pops out on this creative is the artsy photo. It looks native to Instagram, and Facebook, due to how common this closeup/hand angle is, but at the same time it looks quite artsy.

Additionally, the objective of the ad is to do more than just show off the product with a closeup, and it’s not selling you too hard.

It has interesting copy in the body field, not something very salesy. But something that invites you to join in the journey.

52. Margaux

Simple but effective design shoe design.

We can clearly see the product, the design does not distract the viewer from the product.

Social proof is given in a form of copy - “Discover the mule we can’t keep in stock.”

Seems like some kind of journal or blog reviewed these shoes - “Editor approved”. Though, it could just be an authority signal or more social proof, as it doesn’t mean anything specific.

Also the copy in the design addresses two simple pain points and says who it’s for - comfortable and chic, modern shoe for the modern woman.

People look for shoes that are comfortable and look good.

Very simple, yet very effective.

Helps that the actual shoe has an interesting design to it that stands out.

53. Verb Products

Another skincare creative angle done right.

Can you spot all the conversion driven principles?

  • Text color that stands out.

  • Specific number (“65%”) that stands out and sounds more authentic.

  • Action show with a skin close-up thumbnail.

  • Great offer (25% off).

  • And more.

54. Stitch Fix

The hook, “I wish I tried Stitch Fix Sooner”, makes you want to know, what in the world is this brand offering?

At a glance, it looks like they’re offering tailoring services.

In reality, they offer curated clothes based on your style and lifestyle.

Then, the eCommerce brand proceeds with UGC, which is perfectly delivered.

The model addresses the audience and who it’s for incase it wasn’t clear (“hey ladies, I’ve got a hack for YOU!”).

Everybody loves lifes hacks and ways to make life easier so this sentence sucks people in even more.

Then it proceeds to kill objections.

It shows that there are possibilities to choose many sizes, many types of clothing, the UGC model says that the service is also personalised and that it’s like having a personalized stylist who knows all of your tastes.

In the end they repeat some of their USP, and give a small call to action - take the style quiz today.

Finally, the ad doesn’t force you to make a big decision like buying. It simply invites the viewer to take a personalized quiz.

Which is an interesting way to bring a viewer to a site, knowing they won’t make a purchase straightaway.

55. Topologie

This ad is a perfect example of how important your thumbnail copy is.

Scrolling through your timeline, seeing the copy “Protective” might make you stop to inquire more.

It raises many questions like - What's Protective? What does it protect? Do I need Protection? Is MY bag protective?

All this from a single word.

Naturally, all humans like safety. So the word means a lot.

The rest of the ad just showcases the product, in this case, the backpack’s USPs.

Many backpack brands focus on the brand size and technicalities. One last thing this creative does differently is highlighting each bag section with what product goes there (e.g. separate section for pens, business cards, laptop, cables, etc.).

That’s how you emphasize benefits with your backpack brand!

56. The Oodie

The ad is calling for all Rick and Morty fanatics. But what for?

Watch the video to find out!

Intentionally not featuring the product in the thumbnail was a smart move, as it prompts users to watch the ad to learn more.

Simple, effective hook, further highlighted by the banner and the vibrant colors.

The ad proceeds to show and demonstrate the product, which is smoothly “teleported” in.

And for anyone wondering - the eCommerce brand here sells wearable, extra large, snuggly blankets.

Lesson from this ad - make your ads and your products relatable on many levels.

Another thing to consider here is the timing. As the ad coincides with the new season launch of Rick and Morty.

And for anyone wondering, the video ends with the Rick and Morty logo and Cartoon Network trademark - so, there is no copyright infringement here!

57. Faherty Brand

Usually ads blast you with sound and colours. This ad is a complete opposite of that, and that is why it grabs attention. There is no audio. Its colours are pale, and everything is done in animation.

It also makes you wonder why they’re the “best” shorts ever.

The video simply demonstrates and mentions the benefits (9 colors, sustainability, water repellent, 4 way stretch) of the product briefly, but it doesn't force you to buy it instantly.

With no sound or people in the ad, it’s an interesting way to stand out.

The brand has few other similar creatives, so they might be onto something here.

Though, of course, it’s hard to say without knowing the data.


This is another proven ad format that works for most industries or products:

  1. Introduce the CEO of the eCommerce brand and have them explain what they’re going to do (in this case, exercise and stretching in the product).

  2. Demonstrate the product in action with high quality production (slow-mo, close-ups, etc.).

  3. Finally, have them explain what they set out to do with the brand they founded and what they want the viewer to do.

The video then transitions to a black screen, showing the brand name, its USPs, and prompts the viewer to buy now or check out more products.


Why this ad stood out:

  • Great copy in the thumbnail - tells a huge paint point and solution.

  • Great copy in the ad text. Inspiring to look more into the product.

  • Even though it is a staged UGC it feels very natural with the subtitles and natural context.

  • The whole ad looks very professionally made. Women prefer ads that look attractive to their eyes.

  • The model speaks about relatable things in the ad. Breast enlargement after feeding, being a mom, body fluctuations. All these relatable things give social proof to the potential customer

60. Feather and Noise

One of the best ways to make sure your ad stands out as a clothing brand is to showcase vibrant products with interesting background scenery.

Which is exactly what’s going on here.

Most likely, the red dress was specifically chosen for the thumbnail, as the video then showcases other dresses after.

Either way, this is an easy thing to A/B test in your creatives!

Once you know which products stand out and stop the scroll more, there’s plenty of ways you can use that information. For example, by highlighting that dress in other Facebook ad scenery or different context.

61. Native

This is why storytelling in your ads is a must.

This ad is a simple UGC video which demonstrates that the advertised deodorant works all day long.

It tackles a big paint point (that usually deodorants need applying) and it shows a very relatable person - a new mom.

She walks the viewers through her journey: How she discovered the product, how she wants to try it out, and then she shows us her adventure packed day.

When her husband comes home, he compliments her that she smells good, which proves that the deodorant works all day.

Simple yet effective storytelling might be the missing key to your ad success.

And a “day in the journey of your target audience” is a proven ad angle that can work in any industry.

Though, the storytelling has to be done right, otherwise it can come across as awkward.

62. Buff

Tackle relatable problems to get the best results.

This creative has a single sentence in it, but it hooks you in and you want to learn more instantly about the product.

The copy clearly shows the main problem - sleeping in bad temperatures.

The copy in the text, elaborates a bit more, and gives out some product USPs.

Though, the creative could have done a better job explaining and highlighting the pain points (e.g. why they happen, what most people do wrong).

63. Calming Blanket

Keys to this ads success:

  • Thumbnail - Great copy in the thumbnail, very curiosity-driven.

  • The ad itself - it demonstrates people trying out the product.

  • It looks genuine - the reactions look real and not fake. This creates relatability and a safety feel for the customer.

  • The ad educates more than it sells. You would like to learn more about the product after watching this ad. Especially since many people might not be familiar with a weighted blanket.

64. Moscot

This ad is what we call a spokesperson angle. It has a humorous approach to the brand’s product (eyeglasses), and by delivering it in a funny way they secretly insert the USPs of the product.

This ad is more like a content piece than an ad, so that is why people wouldn't skip it - because it is funny and not salesy.

It also uses some clever editing (blurry video before the spokesperson puts on the glasses), and is very engaging throughout.

Classic “show, don’t tell” in action.

65. Foster Grant

Classic influencer collaboration.

As you can tell, not much is going on in the GIF.

But that’s the point.

The purpose of this ad is to showcase the influencer’s name and brand.

Then, the product link goes to a specific landing page, designed showcasing the influencer with the brands products and more information.

There are many ways to make an ad relatable and boost its reach, and using a high status influencer is one of the best ways.

66. Magic Spoon Cereal

Now this is a hack that you probably haven't heard before. Try to make your Facebook ads longer. Yes. You read that right longer.

The goal of Facebook is to have the user on it's platform for as much time as possible.

So if you make a longer ad such as this one, you may see better results in such departments as CPMs, engagement, and CTRs. Users like to binge watch and to watch content. Use this to your advantage.

The ad is 1:50 minutes long and showcases the 2 models unboxing and trying out the protein cereal. They give their impressions, list the product features, and talk about how it’s different from other cereals they’ve tried before.

It’s completely organic and the dialogue flows well too!

67. HighKey Snacks

Display your main product benefit right from the get go. That's what this ad does right from the thumbnail.

It also provides an interesting contrast by highlighting 1g net carbs and showcasing something that looks very sweet and sugary.

The ad also looks very native. It has the meme bar on top of the video, it is filmed in a shaky fashion with a phone, it looks as if a regular standard user made it.

In the ad, they also show the back of the packaging to show the nutrients. In fact, they’re pausing and highlighting this, as they’re not hiding anything from the user.

It’s almost too good to be true, so they make sure to prove this isn’t the case.

68. Billie

Don't be scared to get bold.

This brand is the perfect example of showing what everyone’s thinking - “just how well does it shave, exactly?”

And the answer: They won’t let us show you!

Their razor was designed for zero irritation, but they can’t really show that far up close!

Which is a great and funny way to stand out and make a statement, especially in the razor industry.

The blurred thumbnail will probably stand out in anyone’s Facebook feed! Which is what makes this ad so memorable.

The whole thing is just 8 seconds. So, chances are, while the user is still captivated, they’d be very interested to click on their CTA and learn more.

69. Supply

Talk about social proof everywhere!

This video featured social proof in these forms:

  • Real UGC Product demonstrations.

  • Real UGC short Testimonials.

  • Review Count and Review Screenshots.

  • As seen on List.

Add as much social proof to your ads as possible. Make them relatable.

“Watch this if you hate razor burn” is a great way to get your audience’s attention!

You can also use this angle for any niche, “watch this if you hate (pain point)!”)

Psst - Are you in our Facebook group yet?

Join our 360 eCommerce growth family if you want to learn how to SCALE your business quickly AND profitably.

Final self-promotion, I swear!

See you in the conclusion!

70. Love Wellness

How do you make people want your product?

Show them a problem and give them a solution!

This brand shows many possible problems (illustrated in the video in an engaging way) and how women feel when facing them.

They showed the problem right in the thumbnail, literally putting themselves in the target audiences shoes - and how their customer journey usually begins with a simple Google search.

Also the ad itself was humorous and relatable to women.

This ad touches a sensitive topic, but it deals with it in a humorous and supportive way.

The key takeaway from this ad is - you create your business not to sell and get rich, but to help people in their daily lives.

Show that you actually care about the customer and their daily lives.

And if you do this in an engaging and educational way, you might find yourself with a winning creative!

71. Verb Product

When featuring models in your creatives, it’s usually:

  • People who look like your target audience (relatable, same pain points).

  • Someone your target audience looks up to (inspiration, wants to be them).

The latter is what’s going on here.

You shouldn’t be talking to everyone without your ads, just specific people.

This ad talks to women who have curly and wavy hair.

Curly and wavy hair is hard to look after, so they are always keen to find the best products to take care of their hair.

It is a simple GIF that shows the product line and then invites you to shop at their only store afterwards.

Even though it’s pretty straightforward, the engagement is there, as the creative is quickly shifting through different products - with their vibrants colors and one word description below each product.

They also include a scarcity principle here by including with the copy "by popular demand".

72. Miracle Brand

If anything, you have to give them props for that thumbnail alone.

This ad was made in what we would call a BuzzFeed type of style. It’s fast paced, has a lot of hooks and provides the user with a solution.

These types of ads are based on proven conversion principles: strong copywriting, proven pain points, UGC, engaging visuals, and a convincing CTA.

If done well, the “Buzzfeed type angle” can be a very strong creative.

With seemingly obvious pain points (e.g. dirty sheets), there are a lot of different ways you can approach the problem.

Or, like the above, you can get creative and go viral.

73. BREDA Watches

Using static images is a good way to display the features of a product.

The watches industry is super competitive and the benefits are obvious, so, this creative just goes to the main features.

Because a video is a continuously moving medium, sometimes it’s hard for the users to read everything that is being said in it.

However, on a static image, users don't need to press pause and play if they want to read something again.

So, they can take as much time as possible to read the information of a static image as what they see is what they get.

74. BOOM By Cindy Joseph

Great Copy. Both in the text and the creative. It makes you feel welcome. It makes you feel empowered. It makes you feel special.

It creates these feelings and associates them with the product.

Especially since it’s targeting the audience clearly (“After 50…”).

If you can find an emotion, that your products create and translate it to the users - you'll have a winning ad in no time

Remember we are speaking to people, not robots. Be emotional.

75. Gleamin

So, the creative is a simple color-changing GIF here.

But what stands out is the ever-so-enticing “100% FREE” copy in the body text.

That’s going to be the attention grabber for most people - aside from the vibrant product GIF.

This ad doesn't focus on selling the actual product, it focuses on just telling the message that there is something valuable for the customer.

Customers see and feel the value. Make sure you’re always giving it to them.

76. Sand & Sky

Name a better combo than skincare eCommerce companies featuring models with shining skin in their creatives.

How-to demonstrations are always a good type of ads to have in your ad library.

They look natural, aren’t very salesy, and look like a simple tutorial you’d watch yourself.

If you can give your users some content, rather than an ad - be sure to do so.

The video features product close-ups, unboxing, demonstration, and finally the model showing off her skin, once all the products are applied.

All this with snappy engagement and high energy music, it makes for one creative ad.

77. Prose

“Before and after” creative angles can be risky.

But this ad simply focuses on the “after” portion in the video.

People are skeptical. They need to know - does your product really work?

The best way to do that is by showing them a before and after. This video does exactly that, and after it shows the results, it proceeds to tell a story about how the man found and started to use this particular product.

What makes the UGC so relatable is that it’s a member of the target audience segment - men who are 60+. They also have different UGC testimonial ads from men on the younger side, so, they’re targeting all segments here.

During his testimonial, he mentions a lot of the product's USPs.

This ad is a well rounded ad. Shows the direct effect of the product, and also gives back up to it.

78. Coco & Eve

Showing off body or borderline nudity might seem clickbait-y.

But it definitely stands out (especially with the model’s tattoos), and it makes complete sense for the product here, which is a skin self-tanner.

The Facebook ad shows the results in the first few shots, looks natural, and has a strong CTA in the end.

All in all, for a skincare and bodycare brand, this type of ads work great.

They clearly know their product benefits and target audience, and they’re focusing on just that.