99+ Facebook Ad Creatives To Swipe And Skyrocket Your eCommerce Sales to 7-Figures And Above

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

In eCommerce, Facebook ad creatives are important now more than ever.

And over at Kandy - you could say we know creatives inside out.

We’ve managed to scale eCommerce brands to 7 figures and above with (mainly) creatives.

So, for us, content is a deal-breaker.

In order to scale with ads, you need to be consistently testing.

The problem for many eCommerce brands, however, is consistency and repeatability.

To help you scale, below, we’ll be looking at 99+ eCommerce creatives across different niches: Skincare, health, fitness, watches, and so much more.

We’ll also be looking at their conversion-driven principles and other things they do well that you can swipe.

Whether it’s the quality, the video creatives, the angle, or the copy, the creatives below use proven marketing principles you can also swipe for your ads.

And you’ll also find our thoughts and insights on each creative.

Below, you’ll find creatives from across many different niches:

💅 Health, beauty, and skincare.

👕 Fashion and apparel.

⚡ Tech and gadgets.

🐶 Pets.

💊 Supplements.

🏋️ Fitness.

And much, much more.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Disclaimer: Some of these ads might no longer be running because they either violate some Facebook ad compliances, the eCommerce brand decided they’re no longer profitable, or for some other reason. With that said, they still have some conversion driven principles or marketing angles you can swipe for your brand.

Kandy Creatives Playbook: 99+ Highly Converting eCommerce Facebook Ad Creative Examples to Swipe. Plug-n-Play These Conversion-Driven Principles to Skyrocket Your Sales From Creatives

1. Fabric skincare

The “us vs them” is a proven creative angle we see time and time again, in just about every industry.

Especially when designed right, it can be a powerful angle to convince potential customers on the fence, by comparing your product to that of a competitor’s.

But it’s essential you check your bias.

The idea is to briefly and objectively explain why your product is better, which is just what Fabric Skincare does above.

When doing comparative advertising like this, you can:

  • Name drop your competitors, so as long as you’re being factually correct (e.g. ingredient list, calories, etc.).

  • Or, you can make it clear who you’re talking about without actually naming them. (This is where knowing your target audience comes in handy.)

In this creative, Fabric Skincare makes it clear why you should move on from Kiehl’s (other skincare brand) to Fabric by providing an overview of the difference in ingredients which is clear at a glance.

By throwing stones at your enemies, you’re strengthening your bond with your current customers, and convincing potential customers why your brand is better.

2. Upright Posture

Upright sells an interesting product:

A posture training device that goes on your back, connects with your phone app, and then, gives smart app progress reports of your posture throughout the day.

Getting to explain all that (and how the tool works in detail) would take a lot of time.

Instead, Upright explains the benefits in their ad creative.

Though the “before and after” angle is risky since Facebook isn’t a big fan of that (it’s possible, but risky), the benefits are visible in the ad:

  • Benefit - Their product helps build better posture habits (benefit)

  • Strong offer - Free shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked

  • Persuasive copywriting - drills down on the relevant pain points and provides social proof (600K+ customers, looking taller, stronger, confident, etc.).

If you don’t have the time to explain how exactly your product works (the features), it’s better to focus on the benefits customers are getting from the tool.

3. Snow teeth whitening

Stopping the scroll is one of the most important things your ad should accomplish.

With this creative, the lighting from the teeth whitening product is guaranteed to stand out in your timeline when scrolling through.

Looking closer, you can obviously tell it’s an ad for teeth whitening.

But beyond that, it also features a relevant influencer with social proof testimonial, strong benefits in bullet points that are easy to skim through, and a clear outcome (whiter teeth in as little as 9 minutes a day).

4. Mott & Bow

It might be hard to advertise jeans if you don’t have a defined angle.

Working from home is more popular than ever.

With this creative, Mott & Bow is targeting both - officer workers as well as people working from home.

They’re advertising their jeans as perfect for the office while still making the transition from work-to-play.

And the timing is just right.

As they’re targeting people working from home, office workers, and just about anyone who wants comfortable jeans for the summer.

5. Foster Grant

There’s only so many ways you can advertise sunglasses. And a lot of sunglasses brands use the same mechanisms and brand principles.

Usually, around the 3 main features (ones you see above): Interactivity, computer use, and reading.

So, combining those in a “3-in-1” creative angle might be worth a test to see how it’d perform. Especially in static images with limited space.

In videos or GIFs though, you can do plenty to demonstrate them in action - from their shape, durability, contrasting with beautiful sceneries, and so much more.

6. Sand & Sky

A scroll stopper thumbnail is a must to be different in the makeup world.

There are so many competitors in this niche, that you have to stand and, and this thumbnail does exactly that.

The video follows a quick unboxing to product demonstration, with a close up of women using the skincare product.

Though they’re not highlighting copywriting or benefits in the video, the effects of using the product are obvious.

You need to stand out, and this creative does just that.

Great hook, a simple organic body that doesn’t need much explaining to do. Reaches and resonates with the exact target audience well.

7. Glossier

In the past two years advertising for making has been insane and regarding this type of content there is so little you can do to create unique content. Everyone tries to stand out, but this is simple and it works. It makes you wanna know what “Cloud Paint” is and you want to click. Great choice of thumbnail.

This brand has social proof on “award winner”, so it’s the main text that stands out the most, they use their social proof as the main selling point.

The body of the ad starts with the great hook, showing all the colors at once and simple text on top of it. It keeps people's attention. Eyes don't have to move much. Copy is clear. The brand itself is big, so they don’t need much to add.

8. Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening

Perfect example on how to use famous people as great social proof and include them into your hook.

This will lead fans of that person to click on the video no matter what the video is actually like. This makes the brand unique and gets all the attention.

Kris Kardashian? Next to a strange-looking electronic device?

Talk about an effective thumbnail!

Simple to target people, based on who they follow, great use of social proof, perfect use of influencer marketing.

The actual video is short and snappy. It tells the message that the Kardashians are using them to keep their teeth white.

Sometimes simple, but strong social proof leading up to a CTA is all it takes.

9. Tailored Athlete

A clever way to capture the “before and after” look in a Facebook ad.

But this creative also has clear attention to detail and understanding of the target audience (i.e. men who can’t find proper fitting trousers).

At a glance, the thumbnail raises the problem. And a great hook makes the viewer watch till the end, because they want to see what the “perfect fit” looks like.

This is another clever “us vs. them” angle.

In that, many trousers are often “too big” (a pain point that’s relatable for many people). But Tailored Athlete is a “perfect fit”.

On its own, people are going to be curious and want to look what that means in a video demonstration.

10. Love Wellness

Great little creative GIF that imitates a member of the target audience doing an online search.

What’s great about this:

  • Organic look with the brand in the top left corner, product placement looks natural.

  • Thumbnail cuts off at “sup”, people will be curious as to what the end of the word is. When they click play, the text is shown being written from the beginning, so they have to stick around to watch it get typed up.

  • CTA is to take a free, 30-second quiz. Most likely, customers will have to enter an email to get their results (or not). Either way, their attention will already be captured and they’ll start flying closer inside the brand’s ecosystem.

11. Lashify

Eyelashes and skincare eCommerce industries in particular often get very creative with their ads.

A great hook can make a viewer stick around till the end. But a great thumbnail will make most people click in the first place.

With eyelashes, the market is wide and using closeups in these situations with high quality footage can help the target audience understand how well they’re going to look when using the product.

This creative is a perfect example of how to create an angle called “how to use it”.

Once you notice it, you won’t be able to unnotice it in other Facebook creatives.

12. Lilly

Everyone who owns a dog knows how their hair gets everywhere.

So, at a glance, cleaning out your car just like a professional car detailer sounds like a dream.

If done well, the video demonstration can also be extremely satisfying for dog owners.

And that’s the lede.

The video most likely has a high click rate because of that thumbnail alone.

And from there out, all that’s left is to show the product in action with final results.

13. thequickflick

The obvious thumb stopper is using a model with an amputation.

However, the ad in no way mentions or highlights that, as that fact has nothing to do with the ad.

Which in itself helps make the brand more inclusive, as it’s rare to see someone with an amputation in an ad.

And that’s only the thumbnail.

The rest of the video follows a well-edited product demonstration video, with close-ups of the product and benefits written out in the footer.

The video ad also highlights that magnetic lashes and glues can be toxic - creating an “us vs. them” feeling with their target audience.

For a non-toxic, cruelty-free eyelash ad, this is very on-brand and well done.

14. Tarte

Every customer loves a good sale. Showing that as a remarketing ad, will generate even more sales.

But what makes this makeup product so creative is how they approach a “before and after” angle in their ad.

As you might know, doing a “before and after” angle in your ad is against Facebook’s policy.

But in this ad, the model applies the concealer only on the right side of her face (which you can also see in the thumbnail). While the left side remains untouched.

The results are obvious. Even for people who don’t know anything about makeup.

And thus, they manage to show a strong “before and after” with the concealer while pushing their audience to buy with a strong sale campaign.

15. ThirdLove

The first question most people will get with this thumbnail is - “What’s the Fitting Room?

Combined with that testimonial, this can be a great way to capture attention.

The rest of the video is product demonstration and more testimonials on the Fitting Room.

ThirdLove is a lingerie and underwear store and the Fitting Room is a free quiz that helps women find the perfect bra size.

It’s interesting they didn’t use a model in lingerie as the thumbnail, as that’s what many similar eCommerce brands do in their Facebook ads.

While that may have stood out more when scrolling, it also might have attracted a different kind of attention. It might have been too obvious.

As a final touch, the CTA is to take a free quiz. Which is less commitment than making a purchase straightaway.