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The Ultimate eCommerce Black Friday: Generate 50% of Your Annual Revenue in Q4 Alone

Missing out on this year's Black Friday Cyber Monday should be every eCommerce business owner's deadly sin.

We’re expecting holiday sales to soar by 7-9% compared to 2020 - and you’re gonna dive into this unprepared?

No, not on Kandy’s watch.

We tested offers, perfected our process, tested the creatives, and now - we’re presenting everything to you.

This year’s Black Friday will be slightly different and we want you to be ready.

We’re also facing a worldwide supply chain crisis.

That’s why Amazon already launched their first Black Friday deals on… October 4th? Oh dear.

You might already be a bit late in the game. But we’ve got your back.

Here at Kandy we're managing 15+ full-stack eCommerce brands for this Black Friday.

We're running a variety of established eCommerce businesses with a big scope of different revenue goals for Q4, and we’re prepared for every outcome.

We’re even taking some extra time to write this so...

We know a thing or two on making the most out of Black Friday & Cyber Monday for your eCommerce brand.

Here’s a list of eCommerce marketing strategies we’re focusing on and going to cover:

  • Black Friday planning August - start the plan or take a break?

  • Hyping up the team

  • The eCommerce Owner & the Marketing Team - Managing Expectations and Communication

  • Projecting Your eCommerce Black Friday Q4 Sales Numbers

  • Choosing the Right Product Offers for Black Friday

  • eCommerce Black Friday 5 Essential Creative Formats and 7 Proven Key Principles

  • Email Marketing - Skip This and Lose Up to 30% of Potential Revenue! (Increasing Deliverability and Avoiding Promotions Tab)

  • eCommerce SMS marketing - Surprisingly Easy and Effective

  • eCommerce Black Friday Influencer Marketing Best Practices

  • Old School eCommerce DTC Marketing Tactics to Increase Customer Retention and Have Them Fall In Love With Your Brand

  • Should You Be Doing eCommerce TIKTOK Marketing for BFCM?

  • eCommerce Website Checklist and Optimizing for Black Friday

  • Warming Up Your Audience With Pre-Bought Media

  • Labor Day Weekend

  • 1 week Before Black Friday

  • 48 Hours Before Black Friday - Calm Before the Storm!

  • During Black Friday - Don’t Panic

  • During Cyber Monday

  • eCommerce Q4 BFCM 25 Extra Tasks to Boost Your Sales: A Checklist (Steal This Google Sheet!)

  • Still overwhelmed after reading this article?

And now, here’s how to crush the Q4 revenue for your eCommerce business.

Black Friday eCommerce Planning in August - Start Planning or Take a Break?

As people are chasing the last bits of summer goodness, August is far from the peak of eCommerce.

Purchasing behavior is bound to be slower when clients are busy soaking up the sun on the beach.

So what are YOUR options?

Slowing down

Go with the flow, minimize the efforts. Taking a break = not losing money. If your cash flow is alright, and you think you can last 30-40 days on break, go for it.

Starting the plan

This means avoiding the banes of November: hyper-competitiveness, soaring CPMs, ad account crashes, and an indifferent cold audience.

If you’ve chosen option two, congrats, you’re in the right place! Read along.

The worst thing would be to sell out during Black Week.

Your warehouse will be put to the test.

And in the era of Amazon Prime and free 2 day shippings, your customers will be waiting, impatiently.

You really need to over-prepare logistically.

  • Monitor your customers and social media for any complaints. Respond ASAP.

  • Make sure your manufacturing and inventory is ready. If you’re using a third-party logistic provider, make sure you know their daily capacity.

  • Finally, make sure you have a backup plan in case of an unexpected flood of orders. Work with your team, have your customer service dialed in, be ready to answer any questions, and have some gift ideas to appease your customers.

Hyping Up Your eCommerce Team

Honestly, those numbers in the intro should do the job already. We’re talking ‘$223 billion rise in COGS for US retailers’ kinda numbers. And we all love a good challenge.

Black Friday is the special event of eCommerce, and you want the team to feel accordingly.

  • Consider incentives for good performance - motivation does wonders.

  • Celebrate your major revenue boosts - it’s a special occasion, after all.

  • Bring the team together: try implementing hype calls to keep everyone engaged, or if possible - make time to eat together. It’s been proven to make humans bond better.

They may need to work weekends, nights, solve various crashes and feel like they lost a few hours of their lifespan by the end of it - wellbeing is important, and no one will want to risk it if they don’t know that it’s worth it.

In addition to your eCommerce team, you’ll also want to consider your engineers, managers, and support staff.

Try to make sure everyone is available on call to fix bugs (product errors, inventory issues, website issues, etc.).