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Blow up great brands.

Take our killer creative team, a meaningful brand and make the revenue printer go brr. Can you grow fast enough?

You're probably stuck.

Stuck with bad clients that feel like old donkeys.

No future potential, yet annoying as hell.

Stuck with that corporate job.

Feeling like you're wasting your life away.

Stuck with freelancing for small businesses.

Only to find yourself exhausted at managing every little detail.

Stuck with the same old people.

That only scoff at your big ambitions.

If this sounds like you, read on.

This landing page might change your following 12 months.

Kandy scales global e-commerce businesses to the moon 🚀

Clients start at $30k per month and grow to $1M per month and beyond with us.

We only with brands that build great products. And have potential to become industry-leaders.

World-class creative team, in-house internal trainings, and people that have bigger goals than you.

Kandy is quick, nimble, creative, and we don't like to waste time. 

Total generated revenue in 2020
Total amount spent on ads in 2020
Total creatives produced in 2020

Aiming for billions. Not millions.

Kandy's big goal – to build and scale industry-disrupting brands. To help people by bringing great products. There's no limit as to how many people we can help. Hence – billions, not millions.

Open spot for an ecommerce strategist. 

Strategise with the client

Growth-hack the brand

Lead the team


Develops products;

Provides cashflow;


Makes creatives

Builds landing pages

Ad buying

Match these and you're set.
You've spent $100k+ on ads

You know how to scale e-commerce businesses with ads. Simple as that.

You're creative as fuck

You love challenges. Because they make your brain go yee-haw.

You're a natural leader

You're always pushing others to perform the best they can.

You double-down when it's tough

It's not all rainbows. Scaling businesses is tough. But that's why we love it.

You think like an entrepreneur

You push that little bit harder. You count that every little penny.

You care to make an impact

Money is cool and all, but leaving a lasting legacy is where it's at.

We work with brands that care about impact
shkertikwhite (1).png
PureWine_Vertical_White copy.png
Drawing a bloody line against period cramps.

Livia helps thousands of girls with this wearable device that eliminates menstrual pains without the use of pills. Kandy is a part of achieve that goal.

Growing the #1 puzzle fidget toy in the US

Award-winning Shashibo cube has been listed as Toy of The Year 2020 and 2021, featured on New York Post, and featured on the Today show.

Eliminating wine headaches forever.

Purewine makes FDA compliant reusable wine purifiers. They eliminate hangovers, without affecting taste. Featured on Buzzfeed, Poosh & Popsugar. 

Solving brown eye stains for dogs. With food.

80% of all white dogs have teary eyes. After 30 years, Superior Care have finally found a logical, affordable, and truly working solution to the brown tear stain problem.

This is how you should work.

You should be your own boss and manage yourself.

Work from anywhere at any time. We only care about results.

You should have a killer a-player team with big dreams.

To scale businesses you need talent. That's what we'll provide.

You should be paid directly to the results you produce. 

The more money you generate, the more you earn. No limits here.

You should be learning every day of the week.

Courses and mentorships worth over $30k – provided to you for free.

Work from anywhere

As long as you have Wi-Fi and bring results – we really don't care where you are.

No set work hours and schedules

Why should we tell you when you should be productive? Choose your own hours.

Let your results do the talking

Our best critics are our customers – not corporate BS. You either fail or not fail.

Get paid for reading books

No, really. We give bonuses for consuming industry-related books or podcasts. 

What's it actually like

Aivaras, 22

Joined 2020, October


Julius, 19

Joined 2020, September


Matas, 20

Joined 2020, July


Ugnius, 24

Joined 2021, March

Now, we should just shut up.

And let you grow the next Nike yourself.

Press this button only if you're serious.

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